Education Keeps Realtors’ Standards High

Real estate licensing changes

Realizing the need for real estate education that emphasizes consumer protection and the development of increased skills and knowledge, Newfoundland and Labrador uses a National integrated learning system for real estate licensing education. The system, spear-headed by the Ontario Real Estate Association, recognizes the need to standardize learning across all provinces and incorporates innovative techniques, new program designs and diverse delivery systems.

The system includes a Real Estate Encyclopedia and CD Rom (which integrate all textbooks and materials into one easy-to-use resource), course changes and a new curriculum. The system places an emphasis is on multi-media communication and hands-on learning.

Keeping standards high

Public expectations of the real estate profession today are higher than ever. Newfoundland and Labrador’s approach to real estate licensing education and emphasis on ongoing educational development by real estate practitioners continue to uphold the profession’s commitment to fair dealing and high integrity.