Coldwell Banker Commercial

CBC logo 3D testerCommercial real estate has been a specialty at Coldwell Banker for more than 90 years. Combine that tradition with Coldwell Banker Pro Co’s roots in land development and property leasing – and its specialized local services and regional knowledge – and the result is a commercial real estate firm with a level of experience no other real estate company in the province can match.

We provide commercial real estate services in varying capacities including but not limited to acquisition for the purpose of private business operation as well as investments. We handle warehouse and office leasing, business value assessment, marketing and promotion of offered properties, as well as estimating property value through comparable, replacement and/or cash flow analysis.

We offer peace of mind in Real Property and business transactions by performing due diligence in correlation with other relevant professionals. Transactions require the co-operation of Realtors, lawyers, property inspectors, accountants, private and public lenders, mortgage brokers, etc. We help facilitate open communication and transparency through these other professionals and advisers to further improve the probability of a successful sale or acquisition.

“The success of commercial real property marketing depends largely on information” says Coldwell Banker Pro Co president Tim Crosbie. “We feel fortunate to be located in a relatively small market area, where the two-way information channel is mostly accessed through the personal and professional connections of our experienced agents.”

Since 1999, Coldwell Banker Pro Co has held the exclusive rights in Newfoundland and Labrador to the Coldwell Banker Commercial franchise. This national network, together with the business history, standing and expertise of the Coldwell Banker commercial agents, has proven an invaluable combination for the Coldwell Banker Pro Co’s clients, whether they are looking for commercial property to buy, sell , lease or develop.

In addition to Coldwell Banker Pro Co’s commitment to marketing support and training, its record of attracting sales representatives with deep and specialized areas of expertise, and its forward-looking approach to harnessing the full benefits of state-of-the-art technology, give its commercial sales representatives important advantages.